A Touring Spokesman

Comments, Concerns, Questions

Want to get a hold of us? 
Know of a place for us to stay?

Email: justinjeffreylee@gmail.com or
Email: patrick.w.hannon@gmail.com 
Phone: (651) 269-4068
As for mail, that archaic service that sends letters across the country in, god forbid, days, we would love to have it. We can pick it up at any post office in the country, assuming you know where we are going to be, and we know that its coming. Thus, the easiest way would be to send it to this address, where it will be forwarded to us on the road.

Patrick Hannon
1863 Brenner Ave
Roseville, MN 55113

Justin Lee
5570 Matterhorn Dr
Fridley, MN 55432

Some exceptions include cookies and cash. Were you to send either, we will bike to where you send it. So email us and we will let you know what post office is closest. And for every 20 dollar bill you send, or box with one days supply of food, we will be able to bike 60 miles and send you a postcard. So think about it.

AND PLEASE leave us some comments. Its easier to keep it up if we know you're reading.